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As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Friday, March 11, 2016


Meaning: (Short for Aviel, which means God is My Father, or Avrum, which is a form of Abraham, and means Highest Father. My Father is Exalted. It is also a diminutive of AVRAHAM or AVIRAM.)

Origin: (Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (AH-vee, aa-VIY)

Gender: Uni-Sex

My list is backed up for a while so I am finally getting to these names. Back during NaNoWriMo 2015 I had posted about it and a fellow blogger Apolla 13 commented about her experience with it and then told me a bit about the story she chose to write about. So for all of my posts for March I will be doing some of the names of her characters for the story she wrote for NaNoWriMo 2015 as I really like many of these names and have yet to add them so I am adding them now.

This name has very nice meanings. When I see it I think of a female name but from the names it comes from it is male but I still think it could be used for a female character so I settled for Uni-Sex. Prince Avi would bring an old middle eastern feel which seems kind of cool for a story set in the past in a desert surrounded by intrigue and spies and gold and an oasis, oh the possibilities, lol. Or maybe Princess Avi.

I think it would be a cute nickname for Aviel which to me looks like a noble like name. Avielle with an added LLE at the end could make this name seem more female if you care to play with the spelling a bit.

Though Aviel and Avielle when said sounds like you are trying to say Arielle which might throw some off when they are reading it. They may see R instead of V and be mispronouncing it but truthfully that might not happen that much so it’s worth the risk in my opinion.

Avi is a decent name and is short which is a plus with many writers as writing a characters name over and over often times feels tedious but if the name is shorter then it seems quicker and you don’t loose focus and can stay in the thick of the story. It is easy enough to pronounce as well.

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