Character Naming

As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Meaning: (Sea Dew, Dew of the Sea, Also a blend of Rose and Mary, or refers to the fragrant herb, which in folklore is the emblem of remembrance.)

Origin: (Latin, English)

Pronunciation: (ROHZ-mare-ee, RowZ-MAERiy, rOHz-mEH-ree)

Gender: Female

I was growing the herb Rosemary this last spring and made plenty of dishes with it. Also a few years ago I kept getting calls from people looking for a lady named Rosemary. I am not completely in love with this name but it is kind of nice for some people I guess. It is a somewhat popular name so I decided to add this. I hear this quite a lot in movies for characters of all ages so it’s not just an old fashioned old ladies name. This could fit in many different genres in books.


Meaning: (Fair, Pale, White, Blond, Beautiful, Reportedly coined in the 18th Century by Scottish poet James Macpherson (1736-1796), author of the Ossian poems, which he claimed were translations from ancient Gaelic sources. Then it was used by English author William Sharp (1855-1905) in the 19th Century who used it as a pen name: Fiona Macleod. Sharp presumably intended Fiona to be a name based on the modern Gaelic word Fionn, which means “White, Fair”.)

Origin: (Gaelic, Scottish, Celtic, Irish)

Pronunciation: (fee-OWN-ah, Fiy-OWNaa, fee-OH-nuh)

Gender: Female

There are family friends of ours that have two really cute kids. Their eldest is a son named Liam and their youngest is a daughter named Fiona. The mother Melissa has really pretty blonde hair and light white skin and her kids look a lot like her, but also like the father Brent. The meanings of the name Fiona are spot on for the child we know. Also I hear this name a lot when I see the TV series Burn Notice advertised as one of the main characters is named Fiona. This name has really beautiful meanings and an interesting history. It is a short name but easily pronounced. I think I once saw this as well on a Princess or Lady in a novel but I am not positive.


Meaning: (Wealth Protector, Wealthy Guard, Prosperous Protector, Born on Sunday, Variant of Edmund and Edward and Neda.)

Origin: (Old English, Slavic, French)

Pronunciation: (NED-ee, NEHD-iy)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I was watching something the other day and I heard this name. It reminded me of Nettie from The Color Purple book and movie. It can be a boy and girl name but I always hear it on girls.


Meaning: (Joyful, Good Looking, Pleasant, Lovely One, Ironsmith, From the English Wor “Fair”. Farah in Arabic means “Joy, Happiness”. English Surname.)

Origin: (Middle English, Arabic)

Pronunciation: (FARE-ah, FAR-uh, Fair-ah, FAA-RRaa, EHR-aa)

Gender: Female

I saw this name when I watched one of those 16 and Pregnant shows but I still didn’t care for the name. I also heard the name because of actress Farrah Fawcett. I do really like the meanings and it’s a really beautiful name. It is growing on me and I am sure it will soon be on my favorites list. It has a good exotic look and it’s easily pronounced.


Meaning: (Of Judea, From Judea, Jewish, Variant of Jody and Judith.)

Origin: (Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (JOE-dee, JOH-dee)

Gender: Female

The Jodie Arias trial is on TV everywhere when I added this name to the list and now I’ve gotten around to adding it to this blog. Jodie is a good name and is easily pronounced. It is also the name of actress Jodie Foster.


Meaning: (God is Gracious, Variant of Gianna.)

Origin: (Italian, Hebrew, Old Greek)

Pronunciation: (GEE-ah, JHIYah)

Gender: Female

I saw an episode of Law & Order SVU a few months ago and one of the characters was named Gia. I have seen this short name before and not given it much thought. Now though I think it is decent yet I am still not totally in love with it. I think it would be best as a nickname.


Meaning: (My God is a Vow, God’s Promise, Diminutive of Elizabeth.)

Origin: (Hebrew, English)

Pronunciation: (LIB-ee, LIHB-iy, LI-bee)  

Gender: Female

I started to think of this name a few months ago. It reminded me of this movie from a few years ago that had Amanda Bynes in it. The movie was called What a Girl Wants. Amanda Bynes character was Daphne *See on the list of posts* her mother was named Libby. I think it is a super cute name and could be as the internet says a nickname for Elizabeth *see on list of posts.*. I think it could also be a cute nickname for Liberty *see on list of posts*.


Meaning: (Whirlwind, Name of some early English Kings, Aelle is recorded in early sources as the first king of the South Saxons, reigning in what is now called Sussex, England, from 447 to perhaps as late as 514. According to the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, Aelle and three of his sons are said to have landed at a place called Cymensora and fought against the local Britons.)

Origin: (Anglo-Saxon)

Pronunciation: (Elle, EL, A-EL, AIL)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I saw an advertisement for a TV Series and one of the kings was named this. In all actuality there really was a British king named this. It is a decent name but I could see it more on a girl than a boy. It looks a bit odd but that’s part of the unique charm the name holds for me. It could work well in a fantasy novel I think. I think from the look I would pronounce it like Elle but it could be possible to pronounce it like Ail, like something’s ailing you or pail.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Meaning: (Courageous, Manly, Virile, Short form of Andrea.)

Origin: (Greek)

Pronunciation: (Dray-ah, d-r-AI-uh)

Gender: Female

This is the name of an actress on a lifetime movie I saw advertised a few months ago. It is a really cute name and it has decent meanings.


Meaning: (Nocturnal Visitor, Morning Star, Evening Caller, To Strike, He Who Pounds at the Door at Night, Historical: the Islamic military leader (Eighth Century) who conquered Spain for the Moors.  It’s used specifically for the one who travels at night time – a night visitor. As the Arabs before found it a convenience to travel at night because the day was scorching hot. It refers to someone who comes in the middle of the night and knocks on the door. The essential linguistic idea behind it is that which comes at night and calls attention. However in Arabic literature, the use of the word appears in the Qur’an where Tariq referred to a brilliant star at night which leads the way: Night comer or Star of the piercing brightness.)

Origin: (Arabic, Albanian, English, Turkish)

Pronunciation: (TAHR-ik, TAA-Rihk)

Gender: Male, Possibly Uni-Sex

I was flipping channels and landed on Disney Channel. They were talking to a boy who had learned how to make violins and wanted to make a career out of making them for people that can’t afford really expensive one and there was more. Anyway his name as best I heard it was Tariq I am unsure if he spells his name this way. I love the look and the meanings of this name. It has a rare look that is very foreign to English speakers.


Meaning: (Famous Wolf, Latinized form of Roul, the old French form of Rolf. Rollo (or Rolf) the Ganger was an exiled Viking who, in the 10th Century, became the first Duke of Normandy (c. 860-932). Variant of Roland used occasionally in continental Europe. It has been used as a given name in the English speaking world since the 19th Century.)

Origin: (Latin, English, German)

Pronunciation:  (RAHL-o, ROWLow)

Gender: Male

It’s the name of a character I read of in a book by Victoria Holt. I never understood the name it looks like the name of those Rolo caramel-chocolate candies. I saw this somewhere not long ago so I decided to add it to my blog. It does have strong meanings though.


Meaning: (Noble, Great, Truthful, Friend, Faithful, Is a form of Aria.)

Origin: (Persian, Latin, English, Hebrew, Italian)

Pronunciation: (AR-re-ah, AHR-yah, AH-ree-yə, AA-RYaa, AA-RYuw)

Gender: Female

I read the information for an episode of The Game of Thrones (which I have never watched and have no desire to) anyway one the main characters name is Arya. I really do love the name and its meanings. It’s unique and really beautiful but the only problem is the pronunciation. There are far too many possibilities. It’s a form of the name Aria *See on list of posts* but I decided to give it, it’s own posting because it looks vastly different than Aria and from time to time I will give variants and forms of other names there own postings.


Meaning: (White, Pure, Fair, Originally a nickname for a blonde, “blanc”. It became associated with whiteness as in purity, and beauty. From a medieval French nickname meaning “White, Fair”. This name and its cognates in other languages are ultimately derived from the Germanic word Blanc. An early bearer was the 12th Century Blanca of Navarre, the wife of Sancho III of Castile. Her granddaughter of the same name married Louis VIII of France, with the result that the name became more common in France. It was introduced into England as a given name by the Normans. Blanche DuBois is a character in Tennessee William’s “A Streetcar Named Desire”.)

Origin: (Old French, Old German, English)

Pronunciation: (Blawnsh (French), Blanch (English))

Gender: Female

They brought the show Golden Girls back on TV and I have started watching it again because I remember loving that show years ago. One of the ladies is named Blanche. I never really cared for the name but after hearing it again and again it has grown on me and I love the meanings.

Eric / Erik / Aeric / Aerick / Aerric

Meaning: (Eternal Ruler, Forever or Alone, Ruler, The original form is Erik, which has been borne by nine Danish Kings. Scandinavian legend relates that the Viking sea rover Ericson (son of Eric the Red) landed on the shores of America 500 years before Christopher Columbus. The name was not widely used among English speaking people until 19th Century British fiction writers Frederic Farrar (in “Eric”, or “Little by Little”) and H. Rider Haggard (in “Eric Brighteyes”) used it in popular literature. Eriq is the French spelling; Erich is a popular German form.)

Origin: (Old Norse)

Pronunciation: (AIR-ik)

Gender: Male

This is a common male name but seems to be a name that is used more than once as the name of a prince in a fairy tale or modern variants of fairy tales. I sort of like the original form Erik a bit more I don’t know why the change of a letter matters. Whereas I prefer Aeric / Aerick / Aerric for a sci-fi / fantasy based novel. It has a very unique out of this world look.

Milly / Millie

Meaning: (Laborious, Strength, Industrious, Striving, Work, Helper to the Priest, Rival, Eager, Bee, Honey, Gentle Strength, Brave Strength. Variant of Amelia, Camilla, Emily, Melissa, Mildred, and Millicent.)

Origin: (Latin, Greek, Old English, Old French, German)

Pronunciation: (MIHL-iy, MIY-Liy, m-ih-l-ee, Mil-EE)

Gender: Female

I was watching Snow White and the Huntsman a few months ago and I think one of the little girls that Snow Whites comes to know and like is named Milly, but don’t quote me on it I just think I heard that when watching the movie it very well could be something else. I always thought of Milly as an old ladies name but I came to like the name. It is cute but I prefer it spelled Millie. It is and can be a nickname of a longer name or it can be a stand alone name.  


Meaning: (Sea Dew, Dew of the Sea, Short form of Rosemary and Rosemarie or related to Roma. Variant of Roman.)

Origin: (Latin, Italian)

Pronunciation: (RO-mee, R-OH-MEE, RAAMiy)

Gender: Female

I saw a few weeks ago the movie Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. I hadn’t seen that movie in many, many years so I loved watching it again, it’s so funny. I like the name Romy, it’s a name not heard that often. I like the meanings as well.

Myka / Micah / Mika / Mica

Meaning: (Who is Similar, Who resembles God? Variant of Michael. Biblical: A Prophet and writer of the Book of Micah.)

Origin: (Hebrew, Biblical)

Pronunciation: (MYE-cah, MY-kuh)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I have seen the TV series Warehouse 13 and one of the female characters is named Myka. It’s a cute name spelled that way opposed to the common spelling Micah, which is usually used more for boys. I did know a girl named and spelled Micah though when I was in high school. I also have a male cousin named Micah. It has good meanings and can be used in many different eras and genres. It also has a good biblical history behind it.


Meaning: (Strong Army, Judgment Warrior, Army Rule, Related to German and Scandinavian names like Reginald and Rainer.)

Origin: (Old Norse, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Scandinavian, German)

Pronunciation: (RAG-nahr, R-AW-NG-n-ah-r, RAA-JHNaa-R)

Gender: Male

I saw the TV series Viking advertised and apparently one of the main characters is named Ragnar. I have recently decided to use this name in one of my short stories. It is a very strong masculine name that I really do love.


Meaning:  (Grain, Grain of Corn, the Earth, Little Fish)

Origin: (Hebrew, English)

Pronunciation: (D-AHGae-N, DAY-gun)

Gender: Male

I can’t remember where I first saw this name but I really like it. It has a very medieval look and sound to it. The meanings are very earthy which I love.

I try to have the most accurate Meanings, Origin and Pronunciations for the names on this blog. It is best though to do research into the names you decide to use for your characters as there can be errors on my blog. Or meanings, origins, and pronunciations I have not seen thus not been able to add to this blog.

Try some of the leading Baby Name Sites and Baby Name or Character Naming books as well.

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