Character Naming

As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Friday, September 30, 2011


Meaning: (Who is like God, Who resembles God, Feminine form of Michael.)

Origin: (English, Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (mi-KAY-lə, mi-khah-E-lah, mih-KAY-lah)

Gender: Female

I saw this the other day when watching Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. I kind of like the name. It has a great meaning and I like the look of it.


Meaning: (Farmer, Earth Worker, Feminine form of George. This form of the name has been in use since the 18th century. It has a more formal, antique feel than its sister form, Georgia.)

Origin: (Greek, Latin, English)

Pronunciation: (Jor-gee-ah-na, jawr-jee-an-uh, jor-JEENA, jor-jay-na)

Gender: Female

I like the Pride & Prejudice novel and movies and Mr. Darcy's sister was named Georgiana. I really like this name. It has a classic sound to it.

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Meaning: (Renowned Prince, To Rule with Greatness, Great Ruler, To Rule with Peace, Ruling Peace, The Owner of Peace, Has Peace)

Origin: (Slavic, Russian)

Pronunciation: (vlah-DEE-meer)

Gender: Male

I have always liked this name and I am not sure why. I think I like the name because of the nickname Vlad. The whole name is just fun to say. I think this name has a fantastic meaning and a strong masculine look and sound to it.


Meaning: (Brave People, People Bold, Brave Ruler of People, The name of three kings of Belgium and several Holy Roman Emperors. A saint's name. A royal or aristocratic name in Belgium, Austria, and Britain. The name Leopold falls in the traditional name category. Based on research, most people would imagine a person with the name Leopold to be a scholar and book lover. In one word, you might describe Leopold as a "scholar" person. Leopold was the name of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's father. Since the 19th century this name has been occasionally used in England, originally in honour of Queen Victoria's uncle, a king of Belgium, after whom she named one of her sons. It was later used by James Joyce for the main character, Leopold Bloom, in his novel 'Ulysses' (1920).)

Origin: (Old German, English)

Pronunciation: (LEE-ə-pohld, LE-oh-pold, LEE-ə-pold, LEE-oh-pold)

Gender: Male

I think Leopold is a classic name that has a handsome sound to it. I really like this name and have since I saw the movie Kate & Leopold. I don't see it often which makes me like it even more.


Meaning: (Free Peasant's Settlement, Town of King Charles, Charles Town, Charles Son, Variant of Charlton. City in South Carolina.)

Origin: (Old English)

Pronunciation: (Charles-ton, Go to this site and run your cursor over Charleston to hear how it is said:

Gender: Uni-Sex *Surprisingly*

I plan to use Charleston for a male Character of mine. I was surprised to find that Charleston is a Uni-Sex name. It has indeed been used for females before but for me I think it is better for a male. I like this name a lot. It is a good alternative for Charlton which is a variant of Charleston.


Meaning: (Dolphin, Possibly from the name of the Greek city of Delphi, the site of an oracle of Apollo, which is possibly related to Greek δελφις (delphis) "dolphin". It was used in the play 'The Prophetess' (1647), in which it belongs to the title prophetess.)

Origin: (Latin, English)

Pronunciation: (DEL-fee-ə)

Gender: Female

I have used this name in a combination name for one of my characters. I think it is cute and the meaning is one of my favorite animals (Dolphins). It is also a very strong sounding but still feminine sounding name. I haven't really seen this name anywhere so I would love to see it in novels.


Meaning: (Sun, It is not commonly used as a name in France itself.)

Origin: (French)

Pronunciation: (so LAY)

Gender: Female

I have used Soleil as the second middle name of one of my characters. I think it is pretty and interesting to say. I would like to see more of this name in literature.


Meaning: (Light, The Light One, The Bringer of Light, Born at Dawn or Daylight, Shiny, Of Light Complexion, Variant of Lucy. Feminine form of Lucius, which is derived from the Latin lux (light). The name was borne by St. Lucia of Syracuse, a 4th-century martyr whose popularity during the Middle Ages led to widespread use of the name. )

Origin: (Italian, Latin, Spanish)

Pronunciation: (loo-SEE-ə , LOO-shə, loo-CHEE-ə, Go to this site and run your cursor over Lucia to hear how it is said:

Gender: Female

I heard this name on T.V the other day and I really like it. I think it is really pretty and a great alternative to Lucy which is a variant of Lucia. It has a great meaning but a down fall with the pronunciation. There are like three ways people say this name they are listed above. But that aside it is a great name.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Meaning: (Sweet, Gentle, Tender, Honey Like, Bee, Honey)

Origin: (Spanish, Old Greek)

Pronunciation: (Mel-oh-saw, MEHLOWSah)

Gender: Female

I saw this name on Yahoo Answers and I thought how pretty it was. It is closely associated with Melissa but it is rare among English speakers I believe. It is pretty and has a pretty cute meaning.


Meaning: (Cloud, From the Isle of Skye. Short form of Skylar and alternate version of Sky.)

Origin: (Scottish, English)

Pronunciation: (Sk-eye, Sky, Skie)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I think this is a cute name and it has a lot of potential. I like it is a bit better than Skylar and I like it spelled with an e at the end versus just Sky.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Meaning: (Rock, Stone, Variant of Petra.)

Origin: (Greek, Late Roman)

Pronunciation: (pe-troh-NIL-lə, PEHTRahNIHLah)

Gender: Female

I saw this name when researching Countess Petronilla in the 1100's. This seemed to be a somewhat common name as I found several different Petronilla's in the 1100's. I think it is a pretty cool name. It's actually beautiful in it's unique rareness. We sure don't have names like this now a days, I wish we did.


Meaning: (Friend, Loved Friend, Beloved, Dearly Loved, Variant of Amica and Amy. Derived from the word amicitia with the meaning 'friendship'. An original form of the name is Amicia (Latin). The name Amice was popular among medieval English speakers. The forms Amity and Amita are recent coinages. This was a popular name in the Middle Ages, though it has since become uncommon.)

Origin: (Latin, Old French, Medieval English)

Pronunciation: (AEMahS, AM-is, Amiss)

Gender: Female

I saw this name as the name of one of the daughters of this Countess in the 1100's that I was researching about. I loved the meaning when I saw it even though it took a bit to find and listen to the pronunciation. I think it a very rare name now a days but that leads to it's unique qualities. I love this name a lot.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Meaning: (Golden, Golden Haired, Feminine form of Aurelio. Name of several minor early saints. Revived as a given name in the 17th century. A name derived from aurum (gold)

Origin: (Latin, Ancient Roman, Italian, Polish, Romanian)

Pronunciation: (aw-REEL-yah, oh-REE-lee-ə, ow-REL-yah)

Gender: Female

I think this name is absolutely beautiful. The only downfall is I have seen so many people pronounce it several different ways. But other than the pronunciation issues this is a beautiful name with a beautiful meaning and it is so classic but seems still fresh and modern.

Edward and Edmund

Meaning: (Edward: Wealthy Guardian, Rich Protector, Happy, Prosperous, Used in the royal family by kings of England since before the Norman Conquest. King Edward the Confessor (11th century) was also a saint and came to be venerated in Europe as a model of a Christian king. He was known as a just ruler, and because of his popularity this name remained in use after the conquest when most other Old English names were replaced by Norman ones. The 13th-century king Henry III named his son and successor after the saint, and seven subsequent kings of England were also named Edward. This is one of the few Old English names to be used throughout Europe (in various spellings). As a nickname for Edward, Eddie has been replaced by Ted, Teddy, or Ned. Eduard is a French form; Eduardo is Spanish and Portuguese. Edmund: Wealthy Guardian, Rich Protector, Prosperous. Edmond is the French form. This was the name of two Anglo-Saxon kings of England. It was also borne by two saints, including a 9th-century king of East Anglia who, according to tradition, was shot to death with arrows after refusing to divide his Christian kingdom with an invading pagan Danish leader. This Old English name remained in use after the Norman conquest (even being used by king Henry III for one of his sons), though it became less common after the 15th century.
Famous bearers of the name include the English poet Edmund Spenser (1552-1599), the German-Czech philosopher Edmund Husserl (1859-1938) and New Zealand mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008), the first person to climb Mount Everest.)

Origin: (Old English)

Pronunciation: (Edward: ED-werd, EHD-werd Edmund: ED-mund, ED-mənd)

Gender: Male

I have use Edward before in one of my novels and I love the name and character. I think this is a wonderful classic name. When I hear and see this name I think of all the past kings who were named this. I even learned that Winnie-the-Pooh was named Edward Bear at one time. How cool is that. I have liked Edmund since I first heard the name in The Chronicles of Narnia. I think that Edmund is a nice name and is a bit on the classical side along with Edward.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Meaning: (Young Deer)

Origin: (English Nature Name, Old French)

Pronunciation: (FAWN)

Gender: Female

I think this name is very sweet and cute. It wouldn't fit every characters personality though. A book I am about to start reading has a character with the name Fawn. The look of it is very sweet and innocent and I think it is just adorable.


Meaning: (Listener, Feminine form of Samuel (Hebrew) "God heard". Also contains the Greek -antha which means "flower". Occasionally used in the 17th-19th centuries. Samantha became popular in the 1960s due to the TV show "Bewitched".)

Origin: (English, American)

Pronunciation: (sa-MAN-thah, sah-MAN-thə)

Gender: Female

This was another name I didn't much like until I came across one of my unnamed characters and funny as it may sound her personality seemed to scream she was a Samantha. So Samantha she became and it suits her well. It is a lovely name and I like it now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Meaning: (Famous Wolf, It was borne by three kings of Burgundy, as well as several Habsburg rulers of the Holy Roman Empire and Austria. This name was used by Anthony Hope for the hero in his popular novel 'The Prisoner of Zenda' (1894).)

Origin: (Old German)

Pronunciation: (ROO-dolf, ROO-dawlf)

Gender: Male

I really do like this name but most people will think of the red nosed reindeer when they see and hear this name. I like it because some cool nicknames could be Rudy or Dolph. I think the meaning is decent and masculine. All in all I like it.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Meaning: (Earth, Land, In Greek mythology Gaia was the mother goddess who presided over the earth. She was the mate of Uranus and the mother of the Titans and the Cyclopes.)

Origin: (Latin, English, Greek Mythology)

Pronunciation: (GUY-uh, GIY-ə, G-EYE-uh, GAY-uh, Go to this site and run your cursor over Gaia to hear how it is said:

Gender: Female

I think this name sounds majestic. I have used this name before for one of my characters. There are two pronunciations for this name and I say it like GUY-uh but the other pronunciation is GAY-uh. Someone was asking about this name on Yahoo Answers. The answers from the others was people would call someone with this name gay. I think the look and one of the pronunciations was the reason they said someone might call them that. But there are people in the world with this name and characters as well with this name. Real people with this name: Gaia Romilly Wise: child of actor Greg Wise and actress Emma Thompson. Gaia: one of the stage names of Dutch Trance DJ Armin van Buuren. Character with this name: Gaia Moore: The lead character in the young adult book series, "Fearless". So I think this is a great name and I really like it.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Meaning: (Bringer of Peace, Elf Army, An elaboration of Olive (olive tree). The name was used by Shakespeare as the name of the heiress in the play Twelfth Night.)

Origin: (English)

Pronunciation: (oh-LI-vee-ə, ə-LIV-ee-ə)

Gender: Female

I have liked this name since I first started watching Law and Order: SVU. Detective Olivia Benson she is a strong determined character played by actress Mariska Hargitay. I have since come to really like the name. I have used this name on one of my main characters horses in one of my novels.


Meaning: (Light, Bright Eyed, Boundary Line Royal Child, Thorny Cactus Fruit. Mythology: the name of a Celtic maiden in a Welsh tale. In Celtic legend, Sabrina was the illegitimate daughter of the Welsh king Locrine. The child was ordered drowned by the king's wife, Gwendolen, thus giving her name to the river in which the foul deed took place. Latin writings of the 1st century list the river's name as Sabrina, but it is now known as the Severn (in England). Known in modern times through the play and movie "Sabrina Fair". The name was used in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The origin of the name Sabrina is a bit complicated. Some sources describe it as being of Celtic origin, in association with an Arthurian-era myth. It is the Latin version of the name of an English river, Severn, originally Habren in the Welsh language. In the myth, Sabrina/Habren is the illegitimate daughter of Locrian, King of England, and she is ordered by the Queen to be drowned in the river. In tribute to this tragedy, the river was to bear the child’s name. The name Sabrina is used in this myth as early as the first century CE. The meaning “boundary line” derives from the strategic importance of the River Severn in Roman and Saxon colonization. The English meaning “royal child” may refer to the mythological Sabrina’s status as the daughter of an English king.

But there is another story of the name’s origin: it may be said to be a pet form of the name Sabra, which refers to the fruit of a prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus-indica). This type of cactus is common in Israel, and the term Sabra is a nickname for native Israelis. The cactus fruit has a tough and thorny outer layer and a soft sweet inner layer; the nickname alludes to characteristics of the Israeli people.)

Origin: (Celtic)

Pronunciation: (sa-BREE-nah, sah-BREE-nah)

Gender: Female

This name definitely was interesting when I researched it. There are many meanings but the Celtic myth was very interesting and tragic. This is a lovely name and I really like it.


Meaning: (Priceless, Inestimable, Worthy of Praise, Beyond Praise or Highly Praise-Worthy. Feminine diminutive of Antoine, from Anthony. Also a diminutive of Ann. Indelibly linked with French Queen Marie Antoinette who was the queen during the French Revolution. She was executed by guillotine.)

Origin: (French, Latin)

Pronunciation: (ann-twa-NET, awn-twaw-NET )

Gender: Female

I really quite like this name. It is beautiful and has a great meaning. It is tragic that the most famous bearer was killed. This name will be instantly recognized because of Queen Marie Antoinette. But I still think this name should be used.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Meaning:(Bitter, Star of the Sea, Of the Sea, Pet form of Mary. In use since the late Middle Ages.)

Origin: (Hebrew, Irish, Latin)

Pronunciation: (MAH-lee)

Gender: Female

I was never a fan of this name. I knew of a Molly when growing up and I guess that led to my not caring for this name along with names like Laura, Samantha, and Abby. But I grew up and each of these names I have used in novels and I have a few friends with these names. I actually really like the name Samantha, Abby (Abigail) and Molly. I don't really care for the name Laura but that is because it is so common and the meaning is so common as well but I have used it before in a novel of mine. Most people think Molly is a dogs name and so that turns them off to the name for a human. Sure there are dogs named Molly but the name is lovely and old fashioned. I say use this name for a character in your novel.


Meaning: (Flower, From the Flower, Poppy Flower)

Origin: (Latin, English)

Pronunciation: (POP ee)

Gender: Female

I have used Poppy in one of my novels before. I think it is a cute name and it's fun to say it. I have only heard of a few Poppy's so this name is still rarer than other flower names.


Meaning: (Heather Meadow, Field of Heather)

Origin: (Old English)

Pronunciation: (HAD-lee)

Gender: Female

I think that this is a cute name and I haven't heard it much before. It has a good sound to it and a decent meaning.

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Meaning: ("An independent man who avoids conformity", Wildly Independent, Seafarer, Valiant Hero. A 19th-century American named Maverick refused to brand his calves as other ranchers did; his name has since then been used in common language.)

Origin: (American, English, Welsh, Gaelic)

Pronunciation: (MAV-rick, MAV-ə-rik, MA-və-rik)

Gender: Male

I actually really like this name. I saw it when I was researching the name Chance *See the list of posts for the name Chance*. I love the meanings of this name. It's a very rarely used name and I love that.


Meaning: (Good Fortune, Luck, Like Maverick, Chance is a lone gunman, following the wind and seeking adventure on his own terms. Unlike Maverick, Chance also has a softer side, a reflection of prep-school names like Chauncey and Trey. That unlikely combination is a winner, making Chance the top "meaning" name for boys.)

Origin: (Middle English)

Pronunciation: (chans)

Gender: Male

I think Chance is a somewhat cute name. Its very preppy sounding but it has a decent meaning.

Friday, September 16, 2011


Meaning: (Other, Foreign, Entire, Goddess, Torch, Bright Light, Fairy, Young Girl, Elfin, Beautiful Fairy Woman)

Origin: (Old German, Hebrew, Spanish)

Pronunciation: (EL-ah, EH-lə)

Gender: Female

I like how Ella is the real name of Cinderella. Everyone knows the story so I think this name is beautiful. I also love the meanings, there are quite a few different ones but they are all great. All in all a beautiful lovely name.


Meaning: (Lucky, Fate, Fortino (for-TEEN-oh) is the Latin form. Simply from the English word fortune, ultimately from Late Latin personal name Fortunatus meaning "prosperous, happy.")

Origin: (Old French, English, Latin)

Pronunciation: (FAWR-chən, Go to this site and run your cursor over Fortune to hear how it is said:

Gender: Uni-Sex

I have added quite a few names that are really just words that someone used as a name. I think this one is an interesting name I have only heard a few times. I think it could be used sometimes but not a lot and probably wouldn't fit a lot of peoples novel characters.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Meaning: (Fateful Meeting, Fortunate Discovery, Happy Accident, Pleasant Surprise)

Origin: (American, English)

Pronunciation: (SAIR-uhn-dip-uty, Go to this site and run your cursor over Serendipity to hear how it is said:

Gender: Female

I think this would make an amazing name. I think is a beautiful wonderful word. I would think this could be for a character that was a pleasant surprise to her family. Or a character whose appearance within the story is very significant to the main characters. I would love to see where an Author could go when using this as a name in a novel.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Meaning: (Beauty, Lark, Singing Bird, Lovely One, Beautiful Youth, Handsome)

Origin: (Greek)

Pronunciation: (kah-LAHN-drə, kah-LAHN-druh, ka-LAHN-drah )

Gender: Female

I think this is a beautiful exotic name. I have never heard of anyone with this name let alone seen it in any novels. Which makes this name great as it is unique and rarely seen.

Scarlett or Scarlet

Meaning: (Red, Brought into use as a given name due to Margaret Mitchell's heroine Scarlett O'Hara in the novel "Gone With the Wind". The middle name of one of Mick Jagger's children with Jerry Hall. Scarlett is a sassy spitfire, thanks to prototypes like Scarlett O'Hara, Scarlett Johansson and Miss Scarlett from the board game Clue. This name packs a wallop, and for a girl with a red-hot personality it can be a smashing success. It's rising fast throughout the English-speaking world. Originated from an English and Irish surname, as explained in "Gone With the Wind" ("There were the Scarletts who had fought with the Irish Volunteers for a free Ireland and been hanged for their pains.") It was an occupation name given those who dealt in scarlet, a type of fine and expensive woolen cloth, in medieval times. Scarlet actually was made in many colors, but the most popular was carmine red; this popularity also gave the cloth's name to a word for bright red, "scarlet", still used today. Scarlet was comparatively elastic due to the technique of twisting the yarn in weaving it, and was often used for stockings and tights. The character Will Scarlett in "Robin Hood" also got his surname from this occupation.)

Origin: (Old-French, Irish, English)

Pronunciation: (SCAR-let, SCAHR-leht, SKAHR-lət)

Gender: Female

I like Scarlett is has an exotic feisty beautiful sound to the name. I think this name would fit only characters who give the other characters a run for there money.


Meaning: (Brave, Strong, Hardy War, Son of Guy, Little Warrior, War Strength, Transferred use of the English surname derived from the Anglo-French personal name Wyot and the French personal name Guyot, which is derived from the name Guy (a guide, a leader) and the diminutive suffix -ot: hence, "little Guy.")

Origin: (English, Old-English)

Pronunciation: (WIY-eht, WIE-ət, WY-ut, WY-at, WIE-at)

Gender: Male

I never much cared for this name and I am still not sure I really like it. It has a nice meaning and look but I can't really pin point my feelings for this name. But I don't intend to use all the names on this blog. I made it for other authors and I am sure someone will love and use this name.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Meaning: (Free Man, Freeholder, Song of Happiness, Latinate feminine form of CAROLUS (Latin form of Charles). This is the name of two American states: North and South Carolina. They were named for Charles I, king of England.)

Origin: (Old German, Italian, Spanish)

Pronunciation: (kah-ro-LEE-nah (Italian, Spanish), ker-ə-LIEN-ə (English), kar-ə-LIEN-ə (English), care-oh-LINE-ah, ka-rə-LIYN-ə, ka-roh-LEE-nah)

Gender: Female

I love this name. I prefer the pronunciation kah-ro-LEE-nah but I think this name is beautiful. It is also the name of two of my favorite states North and South Carolina.


Meaning: (Beautiful Hill, A Combination of Braeden + Lynn, Braeden means Descendant of Bradan (Broad, Wide) and Lynn means Lake or Waterfall.)

Origin: (Welsh, American, Irish, Gaelic)

Pronunciation: (BRAY-lən)

Gender: Female

A user on Yahoo Answers had this name and I came to really like it. It has an interesting look to it.


Meaning: (Caspian Sea is the largest inland body of water in the world, lying between Russia and Asia, and its southern coast is in Iran. Of the Caspy People. " Used by author C. S. Lewis for a character in his 'Chronicles of Narnia' series, first appearing in 1950. Prince Caspian first appears in the fourth book, where he is the rightful king of Narnia driven into exile by his evil uncle Miraz. Lewis probably based the name on the Caspian Sea, which was named for the city of Qazvin, which was itself named for the ancient Cas tribe.)

Origin: (English)

Pronunciation: (KAS-pee-ən)

Gender: Male

I personally like the name Caspian. I like the sound of it and it is a strong sounding name. It is very exotic sounding as well.

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Meaning: (Charles's Town, Town of the Marsh, Place name. Made famous by the Carrington family of the popular 1980s TV series "Dynasty".)

Origin: (Old-English)

Pronunciation: (KEHRihNGTahN, Care-ring-ton, Go to this site and run your cursor over Carrington to hear how it is said:

Gender: Uni-Sex

I first saw this on the blog When I saw this name I instantly thought of Carentan in Normandy France. They are spelled differently but are similar I believe. Anyway I really like this name but it appears in most fashions as a surname rather than a given name. All in all though I really do like this name.


Meaning: (Curly Headed, Clever, From the surname Ó Caiside meaning "descendant of Caiside", where the name Caiside means "curly-headed", from Gaelic "cas". Can also be taken as an elaborated form of Cass. One historian believes it is derived from the Gaelic elements cas (a twisted lock of hair; ingenious, clever, sly) and the personal suffix -idhe: hence, "clever one, one with the twisted locks." Or from the Gaelic elements cais (love, esteem) and the plenary suffix -de: hence, "full of love and esteem.")

Origin: (Irish, Gaelic)

Pronunciation: (KASS-ih-dee, KA-si-dee)

Gender: Uni-Sex

So yes this is my name. Cassidy is used often as I have seen it in novels. It is a Uni-Sex name but I think it is better on females (and yes I am a woman.) When I was little I would have much preferred another name. I always wanted to be named Victoria or Elizabeth but as I have grown I love my name. There was never another Cassidy in any of my classes in school. As nicknames go I prefer to be called Cass not Cassie. So if any one out there would like to use this name in there novel feel free to do so.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Meaning: (Industrious, Striving, Work, To Strive or Excel or Rival, Blend of two medieval names: the Latin Emilia (see Emily) and the Latin German Amalia, meaning "work". An 18th-century Princess Amelia brought the name to Britain. Henry Fielding may possibly have first coined it for the heroine of his novel "Amelia" (1751), though forms such as Meelia, Amaly, and Aemelia existed since the 17th century. Famous bearer of the name was aviatrix Amelia Earhart.)

Origin: (Latin, Old German)

Pronunciation: (a-MEEL-yah, ah-MEE-lee-ə, ə-MEE-lee-ə, ə-MEEL-yə)

Gender: Female

It was the name of Princess Amelia "Mia" in Princess Diaries and it is the name of one of my favorite characters right now on Doctor Who the T.V Series. There are many songs, movies, and books centered around the name Amelia. I have even had an Amelia in one of my novels. I never much liked it before but it has grown on me.


Meaning: (Honestly, True, Sincerely, Uncommon Puritan virtue name.)

Origin: (English)

Pronunciation: (true-ly, TRU-lee)

Gender: Female

I was thinking about this the other day and I thought what a cute name Truly would make. People have a strong reaction to truth. This name is short but has a big meaning. I would love to see this name in novels.


Meaning: (Day's Eye, in reference to its round yellow center resembling the sun. A flower name. Often used as a nickname for Margaret, where in France, the flower is called a "Marguerite". Literary: Henry James named the typical American girl in Europe as Daisy Miller in his story. The variant Deyse is common in Brazil.)

Origin: (Old-English)

Pronunciation: (DAY-zee)

Gender: Female

In the Language of Flowers (Flowers used to have a meaning and significance when they were given) Daisy's mean: Innocence; loyal love; purity; faith; cheer; simplicity. I never much liked the name Daisy. But recently I have seen movies and read books with characters named Daisy. The Daisy flower seems versatile enough to grow any where and you see them all the time. As a name it could be given to a character who is both strong willed and resilient but also given to a character who is simple and innocent. My sister has a Jack Russel Terrier dog named Daisy Mae but we just call her Daisy. I think the name is a bit cute.

Sophia and Sophie or Sofia and Sofie

Meaning: (Wisdom, Skill, This was the name of an early, probably mythical, saint who died of grief after her three daughters were martyred. Legends about her probably arose as a result of a medieval misunderstanding of the phrase Hagia Sophia "Holy Wisdom", which was the name of a large basilica in Constantinople. This name was common among continental European royalty during the Middle Ages, and it was popularized in Britain by the German House of Hanover when they inherited the British throne in the 18th century. It was the name of characters in the novels 'Tom Jones' (1749) by Henry Fielding and 'The Vicar of Wakefield' (1766) by Oliver Goldsmith.)

Origin: (Greek, English, French, Spanish, Latin)

Pronunciation: (Sophia & Sofia: so-FEE-ə, so-FIE-ə, so-FEE-ah, soh-FEE-ə. Sophie & Sofie: SO-fee, SOH-fee.)

Gender: Female

I have used Sofia as the middle name of one of my characters. I like the sound of the names. They are lovely names. I think Sophie and Sophia might be used a bit in Literature but to me they seem a soft name and I don't see why anyone should not use them.

EDIT September 25, 2015:

September 24, 2015 my Brother-in-laws oldest daughter Shea from a previous marriage had her second baby, it is a Girl named Sophia Rose! So my congratulations go to Shea and Jake, who proposed marriage to Shea one day after giving birth to their beautiful baby girl.

As for the name it is beautiful and as you see I have used the variant spelling Sofia for one of my characters middle names. This once happened with one of my aunts, she named one of her twin daughters a name I had used for a character before, lol! That is really cool! They don't know my characters have the name but I find it funny when I find it out after their kids are named.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


Meaning: (Meadow Flower, Clover is a traditional symbol of wealth, luck and comfort. The name has been used since the 19th century.)

Origin: (Old English, English, English Nature Name)

Pronunciation: (KLOH-ver)

Gender: Female

I think this is a really cute name. It couldn't probably work in every novel but I could see a few characters with this name. Clovers are a very fresh bright green that I think are lovely. Clover's in Literature and in Movie's: Clover Carr, Katy's younger sister in the children's classic, "What Katy Did" by Susan Coolidge. Clover Russell, socialite character played by Angelina Jolie in the 2006 film, "The Good Shepherd".


Meaning: (First Rain or Autumn Rain, Biblical: In Israel, at the end of the drought season with the return of the rain, people drop what they are doing and run into the street shouting "Jorah!")

Origin: (Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (JOR-ah, YOUR-ay)

Gender: Uni-Sex

Keeping to the Fall season theme of name I am adding Jorah which I just found. I sort of really like it and it's meaning. I am not sure if the biblical meaning is correct. That is what one site said but I was only able to find four references in my bible to it and I wasn't sure it was a name or a place. I kind of like to think people would drop everything to run outside for the first rain after the drought season. It is a unique rare name and I would love to see it in a novel.


Meaning: (Season of Harvest, The Fall Season, Born in the Fall)

Origin: (English, Latin, English Nature Name)

Pronunciation: (AW-tum, AW-tuhm)

Gender: Female

This is both a beautiful season and a lovely name. I love the word Autumn. When I think of the fall season I think of fresh pumpkin pies, the smell of cinnamon in the air, wood burning in the fire place and the glorious colors of the changing leaves. Fall/Autumn is my favorite season.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Meaning: (Lucid, Clear. A Virtue Name.)

Origin: (English, Latin)

Pronunciation: (CLARE-a-tee, Go to this site and run your cursor over Clarity to hear how it is said:

Gender: Female

I had never thought of using Clarity as a name until I read about this one Author who did it. I then thought yes that is a beautiful name and would be lovely on a character. I really like Clarity as a name for a character now.


Meaning: (Friends, Taillier= To Cut)

Origin: (English, Norman French)

Pronunciation: (TAY-lah, TAY-lə)

Gender: Female

I used to watch Stargate Atlantis and one of the characters was named Teyla. I looked up Tayla and found I liked the meaning and look a lot and it was similar to Teyla. I think this is a pretty cute but rare name.


Meaning: (A Blend of Taylor and Dylan, Tailor, Tall)

Origin: (American, English, Turkish)

Pronunciation: ( TAY-lan)

Gender: Uni-Sex

The meaning would seem to be male but when I first heard this name it was on a female on this movie I was watching. So I decided to list this as a Uni-Sex name. When I heard it I actually quite liked it. I like the name not love it but I would like to see this used in literature more.


Meaning: (An immeasurable or infinite space of time; eternity. Time, Life, Being, Age, Forever.)

Origin: (Greek, English)

Pronunciation: (ee-ON, Go to this site and run your cursor over Aeon to hear how it is said:

Gender: Uni-Sex

When I watched the movie Aeon Flux I thought what a cool name Aeon would make. The Character Aeon was played by Charlize Theron in the film.The meaning is awesome and I love the look and sound of it. I think this would fit best in a sci-fi or fantasy novel.


Meaning: (To Care for Dearly, To Treasure and Care for, Dear. A Virtue Name.)

Origin: (English, Old-French)

Pronunciation: (CHEH-rish, CHER-ish)

Gender: Female

I think this is a lovely name. I could see this name being in an old west novel, romance novel, sci-fi novel, inspirational literature and pretty much in a lot of genres.


Meaning: (Pure, Undefiled, Purity, Chaste. A Virtue Name.)

Origin: (Latin, English)

Pronunciation: (CHASS-ti-tee)

Gender: Female

I have had people I first meet say my name wrong and say Chastity instead of Cassidy. Chastity is a nice name and has a very lovely meaning. It is a virtue name and I could see this in an old west novel or a romance novel or something.


Meaning: ("Compassion, Forebearance, Forgiveness, Pity". A virtue name popular with the Puritans in the 16th & 17th Centuries.)

Origin: (English, Latin)

Pronunciation: (MER-see)

Gender: Female

Literature wise I saw this mentioned though I have never read these books: Mercy Thompson is the coyote-shapeshifter star of Patricia Briggs's Mercy Thompson series, a strong, intelligent kick-butt heroine. I think Mercy is a cute virtue name. I actually like it better than Grace & Faith which seem more popular.


Meaning: (Cherry Blossom, Good, Cherry Tree, Cherry Tree Blossom)

Origin: (Japanese)

Pronunciation: (sah-kur-ah, SAH-ker-uh)

Gender: Female

I think this is a beautiful name. I have said this before Japanese names have amazing beautiful meanings. The look, sound and meaning of Sakura is beautiful and lovely. This is a popular name in Animes I heard though I don't read Animes. I hear it is a very popular female name in Japan. Still it is beautiful and I would love to see it used even more.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Selena & Selene

Meaning: (Moon, Mythology: Selena was the moon goddess, sister to Helios, the sun, and companion to the names Diana and Cynthia. Late Latin pop singer Selena. Current Singer, Actress Selena Gomez.)

Origin: (Greek)

Pronunciation: (Selena: sa-LEEN-ah, sə-LEE-nə, seh-LAY-nə, Selene: seh-LEEN, sə-LEE-nee)

Gender: Female

Selene & Selena are beautiful names with a beautiful meaning. The Moon how higher a name can you get. It is unique and lovely. I would love to see more Selene's and Selena's in literature.

Magdalene & Magdalena

Meaning: (Woman from Magdala, From a title which meant "of Magdala". Mary Magdalene, a character in the New Testament, was named thus because she was from Magdala - a village on the sea of Galilee whose name meant "tower" in Hebrew. In England it is traditionally rendered Madeline, while Magdalene or Magdalen is the learned form.)

Origin: (Hebrew, Greek, Biblical, Latin, Irish, Spanish)

Pronunciation: (Magdalene: MAG-də-lən, MAG-də-leen, Magdalena: mag-da-LEE-nah, mag dah LAY nah, mag-da-lena, mag-də-LAY-nə, mag-da-LAY-na)

Gender: Female

I think these both are rarely used thus it leads to me liking them more. I think they are both great strong names. They could be used in any era as they go back to the first century. They are beautiful names as well.

Evangeline & Evangelista

Meaning: (Good news, Bearer of Good news, Like an Angel, Messenger of Good News, Bringer of Good News, Well, Good, Messenger, Good News Giver, Angel, Messenger of God, Announcer of Good News )

Origin: (Greek, English, Italian, French)

Pronunciation: (Evangeline: ee VAN jeh line, ee VAN jeh leen, Evangelista: ee VAN jeh LEE sta, ee VAN jeh lista)

Gender: Female

I intend to us Evangeline in a novel very shortly. I love the sound, look and meaning of the name. I heard Evangelista on an episode of Doctor Who a few years ago. I really love the look of it and that it isn't heard too often. Both are lovely names in my opinion. I could see these names in a Historical Fiction, Romance or Mystery Novels or in many different genres and eras.


Meaning: (Delicate, Weary, Child of Heaven, Heavenly Flowers)

Origin: (Hebrew, English, Hawaiian)

Pronunciation: (Hebrew: LAY-ə, L-AY-uh, LAY-a, English: L-EE-uh)

Gender: Female

Most notable character with this name was Princess Leia from Star Wars. I prefer the Hebrew pronunciation or LAY-a rather than the English L-EE-uh. I love this name. I thought to add it last night when I was watching Star Wars. It's a beautiful name.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Aethelreda / Eathelreda

Meaning: (Noble Maiden)

Origin: (English, Old English)

Pronunciation: (ETH-ul-RED-a)

Gender: Female

Now this is a name I found a few years ago when I was looking for medieval names. I actually like it though pronouncing it is hard. I always want to pronounce it differently every time. It is beautiful though in my opinion.

Henry or Henri

Meaning: (Home Ruler, Norman name that is a favored royal name (for eight kings) of England and France. Henri is a French form; Heinrich is German; Henryk is Polish. Explorer Henry Hudson; actor Henry Fonda; author Henry James; poet Henry James; poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; artists Henri Matisse, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Henri Rousseau; playwright Henrik Ibsen; singer Enrique Iglesias.)

Origin: (Old-German)

Pronunciation: (HEN-ree, HEHN-ree)

Gender: Male

Here is another classic name that has been used often in novels but again can be used again and again. I have used both Henry and Henri in my novels and there is something about the sound and look of the name that makes it simple but still strong and masculine. It being a classic it fits in many genres and eras.


Meaning: (God is Gracious, Originally a feminine form of John. A longtime popular girl's name. It is not a royal name, but has been borne by the 16th century's Lady Jane Grey who was unwillingly proclaimed queen. It was influenced by the 19th-century use as the name of the central character in Charlotte Brontë's "Jane Eyre". In the 1940s, the name was borne by statuesque American film celebrity Jane Russell. Often used as a middle name, Jane is also the basis of many variants and as the second element in combinations such as Sarah-Jane. Author Jane Austen; actresses Jane Fonda, Jane Seymour, Jane Wyman, Jane Kaczmarek; TV newswoman Jane Pauley. Jane originally came about as an 16th century aristocratic alternative to the more commonplace Joan.)

Origin: (Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (jayn)

Gender: Female

Jane is a more classic name but it has been used in a lot of novels but it could still be used in more stories. When I hear this name I think of one of my favorite authors Jane Austen or one of my favorite classic novels Jane Eyre. It is a beautiful classic name.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Writers Block Tips

Yahoo Answers is full of questions on how you get rid of Writers Block. I don't think there is a sure fire way to rid yourself of Writers Block. I have had it before and to be honest I am having a little Writers Block right now.

Most people say to keep writing and don't stop. I do the opposite. Writers Block with me means my mind needs a break. So I will distance my self from my story for a few weeks to a few months and let my self recoup. Then I can come at the work with a fresh pair of eyes and a well rested imagination and mind.

When I start getting annoyed with what I am writing or want to just finish that too is when I see I need a rest. Pushing through and just trying to finish is not the right thing to do. Because when you look back you see it was probably rushed and not what you would have written if you would have taken a break.

After the break come at the story again. Hopefully you are then able to write. Never give up on a manuscript even if you take a break from it for years. One of my favorite stories I wrote I left it alone for two years while I went on to write other novels. When I came back I finished it in a matter of months.

Tips I have read may help:

*Listen to Music*

*Play a Game of Cards* I find this helps sometimes.

*Read a Book*

*Watch T.V*

*Video Games*

*Take A Walk Somewhere Inspirational*

*Make a Paper Airplane and throw it at who ever is in your house* be cautious with this one as they will likely throw it back at you, LOL. Just play around and distance your self from the writing.

*Hang With Friends*

And Remember Writers Block happens to the best of us, LOL.

Happy Writing!

Winter or Wynter

Meaning: (Winter)

Origin: (Old English, English Nature Name)

Pronunciation: (WIN-ter, WIN-tər)

Gender: Female

I think this is a beautiful name. If used in the right novel in the right way this could be an awesome character name.


Meaning: (Cyneburg's field, Kimber is the English spelling of Cymru (kimre) a Cornish word meaning Welsh. The kimbers or cymrus are the Celtic people who settled Wales,UK. Ruler, Forest Clearing, Royal Forest.)

Origin: (English, Old-English)

Pronunciation: (KIM-bur, KIHMBer, KIM-ber)

Gender: Female

I heard and saw this name on Law & Order Special Victims Unit last night. I really came to like the name. I have never heard of it before. I think it is a great alternative to Kimberly. It is unique, rarely heard or seen and has a nice look and sound to it.
















Friday, September 2, 2011


Meaning: (As a Deer, Little Deer, Beautiful, Good, Excellent Intention)

Origin: (Japanese)

Pronunciation: (Shee-ka, Shee-kah)

Gender: Female

I have used this in one of my stories before. I love the meaning and the look and well everything about this name. It has a beautiful look to it and a unique sound at least for people that aren't Japanese as they are probably used to a names like this. Japanese names have the most beautiful meanings and the prettiest look to there names.


Meaning: ("A Strong Man", Manly, Strong, Warrior)

Origin: (Greek, Polish)

Pronunciation: (JED-rik)

Gender: Male

I have used Jedrek before in one of my stories. I really like the strong masculine meaning and that this name is a name you don't hear very often.


Meaning: (Curly Haired, From the Roman cognomen Crispinus which was derived from the name CRISPUS. Saint Crispin was a 3rd-century Roman who was martyred with his twin brother Crispinian in Gaul. They are the patrons of shoemakers. They were popular saints in England during the Middle Ages, and the name has occasionally been used since that time.)

Origin: (Latin, English(Rare)

Pronunciation: (KRIS-pin)

Gender: Male

I forget where I first saw this name but I really came to like it. It is a very Crisp name, LOL. It is an older name so it could be used in most any era. It has a good look and sound to it.


Meaning: (Island, A Beautiful Paradise, Scottish River)

Origin: (Spanish, Scottish, English)

Pronunciation: (eez-lah, eye-luh)

Gender: Female

The other day on Yahoo Answers I recommended this name along with some others. Most people gave the pronunciation as eye-luh and I gave it as eez-lah. We are all right as most will pronounce it as eye-luh because of the English and Scottish association. But in Spanish Isla is pronounces eez-lah. Personally I think the pronunciation eye-luh sounds like a type of eye surgery. "I have to go get an eye-luh surgery today." But either pronunciation is correct. I think the name is short and pretty.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Meaning: ("Constant, Steadfast", Faithfulness. Medieval form of Constantia used often in the early Christian and medieval eras, then by the Puritans (usually as Constant or Constancy). This was a popular name among the Normans, and was borne by the formidable Constance of Sicily (12th century), wife of the Emperor Henry VI. The name was also borne by the virgin saint daughter of Constantine the Great and a daughter of William the Conqueror.)

Origin: (Latin, French, English, German)

Pronunciation: (KAHN-stans, KAHN-stehns, KAHN-stənts (English), kawn-STAWNS (French), Go to this site and run your cursor over Constance to hear how it is said:

Gender: Female

I heard this the other day and I was never really a fan of this name before but it is growing on me. I could see a Princess in a Fairy Tale being name Constance. Or a very steadfast woman who will not be swayed in maybe an Old West novel. It is a beautiful name.

Lux or Luxe

Meaning: (Light, Derived from the Spanish Luz (light)

Origin: (Latin, Greek, Spanish)

Pronunciation: (LUKS, LUHKS)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I think it is a nice name but it seems it might not get too many good reviews on Yahoo Answers. I saw a question on there with this name and people were quite rude about it. I think it would make a wonderful characters name. It is short and has a great meaning.


Meaning: (Young Wolf, It relates to Wolf)

Origin: (Old Irish, French)

Pronunciation: (Faylin, FWAY lawn)

Gender: Male

This name is a growing favorite of mine. I love the look and sound of the name. There are two pronunciations I think it looks more like Faylin but I like to say it like FWAY lawn. The meaning is strong and the name has a unique rare look to it. I could see this in an old world adventure, thriller or even fantasy novels. This is on my favorite male names list.

I try to have the most accurate Meanings, Origin and Pronunciations for the names on this blog. It is best though to do research into the names you decide to use for your characters as there can be errors on my blog. Or meanings, origins, and pronunciations I have not seen thus not been able to add to this blog.

Try some of the leading Baby Name Sites and Baby Name or Character Naming books as well.

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