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As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Meaning: (This is an English surname of medieval origins. There are three possible origins for this unusual surname which is recorded in spellings as varied as Whorlow, Warrilow, Warlow, Warlowe, Werrilow, Warlaw and Warlawe. The first is locational from either a now 'lost' ancient British (Welsh) site which translates as "The look out hill" from the pre 7th century word weard, meaning to watch, and hlaw, a hill, or from the village of Wardlow in Derbyshire which has the same translation. The second possible origin is occupational, and a corruption of the French phrase "Ward-de-Robe", and as such describing a keeper of a high nobles chamber, and an office of considerable rank in ancient times. In this respect the modern surname could also be locational for one who lived at "The Wardrobe", once an area of the city of London near to the Tower of London. Early examples of the surname recoring taken from surviving church registers of the the city of London include William Warlaw baptized at St. Dunstans in the East, Stepney, on November 12th 1651, and Martha Warrillow christened at St. Botolphs without Aldgate, London on February 1st. Another early recording is that of Joane Warlowe. This was dated January 15th 1576, when she married Robert Gryffine at St. Giles Cripplegate, during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st of England, known as "Good Queen Bess", 1558 - 1603. Throughout the centuries, surnames in every country have continued to "develop" often leading to astonishing variants of the original spelling.)

Origin: (Medieval English)

Pronunciation: (WAR-low, wahr-LOW)

Gender: Male, Possibly Uni-Sex

Now again I can’t remember where I at first saw this but it took me a while to like it enough to add it here. It has decent meanings and from the list above an impressively long history and variant spellings galore. I could see this on a very strong character as maybe a nickname. Maybe it’s a surname that the character goes by…ex. Jefferson Warlow. But his friend’s say, “How’s it going Warlow?” instead of, “How’s it going Jefferson?” or “How’s it going Jeff?”


Meaning:  (Tree, Oak Tree, Big Tree,  Loved by God, A Hittite whose daughter became “a source of bitterness” to Isaac and Rebekah as the wife of their son Esau.—Ge 26:34, 35; 27:46; 28:8; 36:2. 2. The second of Zebulun’s three sons. He was one included among the members of his grandfather Jacob’s household who went into Egypt. He was also the family head of the Elonites.—Ge 46:14; Nu 26:26. 3. A Zebulunite judge of Israel. After a judgeship of ten years they buried him in Aijalon in the territory of Zebulun.—Jg 12:11, 12.4. A town of the tribe of Dan, listed between Ithlah and Timnah. (Jos 19:42, 43) Identification of its location is uncertain.)

Origin: (Hebrew, Biblical)

Pronunciation: (EE-lon, ee-luhn, eh-LAAN)

Gender: Uni-Sex

Now I really do love this rather short name. As I have mentioned on another post it does have some similar look and meanings to Eilonwy, Eilon, and Elowen / Elowyn *see on list of posts*. So if you don’t like Elon then you can try Eilonwy, Eilon, or Elowen / Elowyn, but bear in mind that Eilonwy is fictional and made up by another author. Anyway Elon is a nice name with really strong meanings. This name also has a long biblical history so this could be used in any era the author wishes.


Meaning: (Most Bright, She of the Shining Light)

Origin: (Fictional)

Pronunciation: (sil-MAH-ree-EN)

Gender: Female

This is a fictional name made for Tolkien’s middle earth. So I am pretty sure you can’t use this for a novel character but again I saw this name on someone’s list for their future child’s name. So I decided to add this name too as I thought it really is pretty and would make a unique child’s name. The look, meaning, and pronunciation are all really pretty.


Meaning: (Black, Beam of Light, Dark, Little Dark One, Variant of Kieran and Kiran. Popular for over 1500 years, at least 26 Saints have borne the name.)

Origin: (Irish, Gaelic, Hindi, Sanskrit)

Pronunciation: (KIH-R-aeN, ke-ronh, kee-ron, keer-awn, keer-in)

Gender: Male

I was looking up another name and stumbled upon this name, which happens a lot, LOL! The meanings I really like a lot. The look is different and seems a handsome sort of name. This name reminded me a lot of a main character in one of my stories who is named Kiernan. With such a long use and history this name would be a wonderful character name for an author. I don’t know if I will use it even though I love it because I will confuse myself because of its close look to my characters name Kiernan. Also I might not realize that I may try to make any Kieron be too similar to Kiernan in looks, personality, background, everything. That said I love this name and would love to see it used more often. Oh also I think my writer friend might have used this name, but not sure. But I keep thinking she has but I don’t know. 


Meaning: (Ambitious, Goal Oriented, Prince, Princess, Variant of Almeda. Derived from the word Mael meaning ‘Disciple, Prince, Chief’.)

Origin: (Latin, Celtic, English, Breton, French)

Pronunciation: (MAH-el, my-ELLE)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I forget now where I first saw this but I at first didn’t like it but after a few minutes of looking at it I was like that is kind of pretty yet strong. It is a name I could see on a female character but being Uni-Sex I think it would be best as a surname on a male character.  The meanings are really good and strong and regal. Good Female Nicknames: Mae and Elle. 

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Meaning: (War Like, Warrior, Little Marcus, Dedicated to Mars, Feminine form of Marcellin, a derivative of the Latin Marcellinus.)

Origin: (French, Latin)

Pronunciation: (mar-shell-lean, marsh-LEEN, mar-sha-leen, MAR-shuh-LEEN) 

Gender: Female

I was looking up a few names a few weeks ago and I came across this name on a naming blog. I think it is really kind of nice looking. It did make me think Alice's Adventures in Wonderland when I saw this name because I kept thinking March Hair. I think it is a pretty name with tough strong meanings.


Meaning: (Dweller by the White Ford, made from elements meaning "White; Blessed" and "Ford; Crossing".)

Origin: (Welsh, Irish)

Pronunciation: (HRID win)

Gender: Female, possibly Uni-Sex

I was looking up the name Rhydian *see on list of posts*. Apparently Rhydian is a variant of Rhydwyn. The meanings are pretty good and I do really love the look just like I love the look of Rhydian. Of course Rhydwyn seems more feminine than Rhydian to me. Of course the two Y’s in the name could throw some readers off though. But this is a really good Welsh name that could be used in a made up realm but still look old enough and have links to our world.


Meaning:  (Lover, Where the Dove Lives, Greek Mythology name: Ovid’s “Metamorphoses” tells the tragic tale of the lovers Pyramus and Tisbe, which is retold in Shakespeare “A Midsummer Night’s Tale”.)

Origin: (Old Greek, Greek Mythology, Latin)

Pronunciation: (thizz-bee, THIHSB)

Gender: Female

I was looking up the name Rhydian *see on list of posts* the other day and there was a woman’s list of names that I read on one site and I really liked a few of them. Thisbe was one of the names on her list. I do like the meanings and the look is definitely interesting. I am not sure where this could fit but given time and the right author this could be a pretty cool name in a novel.


Meaning: (God’s Promise, Derived from Elisabeth and a variant of Isabel. Isabeau of Bavaria was Queen Consort of France as the wife of King Charles VI, whom she married in 1385.)

Origin:  (Hebrew, English, French)

Pronunciation: (IS-ah-bo, EE-sah-bo, IY-Zaa-BOW)

Gender: Female

I was looking up the name Rhydian *see on list of posts* the other day and there was a woman’s list of names that I read on one site and I really liked a few of them. Isabeau was one of the names on her list. This may seem like a modern name but it was apparently a name used as far back as 1385 so it could be used in historical novels but it still has a cute modern vibe to it. So what I am saying it seems timeless to me. I do though want to pronounce it IS-ah-boo not IS-ah-bo but that is my only problem when I keep seeing this name.


Meaning: (Oak Tree, Big Tree, Name created by Author Lloyd Alexander for the Princess character in his children’s fantasy series “The Chronicles of Prydain”. He purposefully used historic Welsh name elements. The series later became a Disney movie: The Black Cauldron (1985).)

Origin: (English, Welsh, Fictional)

Pronunciation: (EYE-lawn-wee, AY-lawn-wee, eye-LAHN-wee)

Gender: Female

This is a fictional name made up by author Lloyd Alexander, so I am pretty sure it can’t be used by another author but I put this on here because I saw it on someone’s list for their future child’s middle name. So I thought I would add this here so maybe a future parent might like a Welsh inspired name with a unique look. Now the meanings “Oak Tree, Big Tree” I came to find from the real name Eilon (Pronounced: AY-lahn) which has the same root origin as Elon *see on list of post*. So if you want to use a real name similar to Eilonwy for say a novel and or child then try Eilon or Elon or even Elowen / Elowyn *see on list of posts*.

As for this name I think it is so pretty but I think some can be tripped up by the look and struggle for a pronunciation. So if using for a child I say keep it to a middle name but it would make an incredible first name. Of course for a novel character try something similar as this was a made up name by another author.

Rhydian / Rhidian

Meaning: (It's a form of Rhydwyn, which is a village in Wales. The name apparently means 'Blessed, White Ford' or 'Crossing'. Also from Old Welsh rhudd ‘Red’. Ardor, Passion. Sharing some similarities with Rowan. An early Welsh saint may have had this name. There is a church established by the saint in the 6th century.)

Origin: (Old Welsh)

Pronunciation: (RID-ee-an, hri DEE an, HRID yan)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I was watching a show a few weeks ago and it had an all English (British) cast. One of the male characters was named Rhydian. I fell in love with this name. I had never heard of this name before. Upon looking it up I really do like the meanings. I love the spelling and I think I love it because recently I am becoming obsessed with Welsh names. I am not sure where this may be used but it seems to fit in the modern era as it was in the show I watched. I also read that this is a commonly used name in Wales, Ireland, and Scotland.


Meaning: (My God is a Vow, God’s Promise, God is My Oath, Joyful, Short form of Elisabeth. Literary: name of the lioness in the book “Born Free” by Joy Adamson, which was made into a movie.)

Origin: (Hebrew, Scandinavian)

Pronunciation: (EL-sah)

Gender: Female

I was reading something about Disney’s new animated movie Frozen. One of the Princesses is named Elsa. I have seen this name before but never really cared for it but I saw no reason not to add it here on my blog. It is also a variant of Elisabeth *see Elizabeth on list of posts*. It is a decent name with good meanings. It is short and easily pronounced so that is a major plus for some authors.


Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Meaning: (Basque form of Elizabeth, My God is a Vow, My God is Plenty, God of Plenty.)

Origin: (Basque)

Pronunciation: (ee-LEESH-ah-bet-EH, ee-LICKS-ah-bet-EH, iy-LIY-SH-aaBehT-EH)

Gender: Female

I came across this variant of Elizabeth *see on list of posts* when I was looking up another name on the internet. I absolutely love this spelling. Of course when I went to Yahoo Answers for opinions people were not thrilled. Even though I told them it was for my blog not a child they couldn’t help but keep telling me if I named a child this then it would be bullied because of the name. They fail to realize kids get bullied all the time and most of the time it has nothing to do with their name. I hate people that think that people should conform to certain naming patterns. I can’t help but say that if we do that our lives may all turn into an episode of Twilight Zone, where we all look alike and are named alike. I don’t care for crazy difficult names or spellings but it is the parent’s decision just like having unique names is an author’s prerogative. Also they got all bent out of shape because I felt like pronouncing it differently than the internet reads.  

To Note: I pronounce this name ee-LICKS-ah-bet-EH, I found no evidence on the internet that this name is pronounced that way. The proper pronunciation is ee-LEESH-ah-bet-EH. I will continue to pronounce it as ee-LICKS-ah-bet-EH and so I added the pronunciation under pronunciation. Plus another person saw it pronounced the way I do so I decided to add it to under pronunciation. Of course if you are staying authentic and wish to stick with the Basque pronunciation it is ee-LEESH-ah-bet-EH.

I think this name is really pretty and unique looking. It is sort of futuristic looking to me.


Meaning: (From the Sea, Of the Sea, From “Marine”. From the God Mars. A Saint’s name. Shakespeare gave the name to Pericles’ daughter in his play “Pericles, Prince of Tyre” (1607-1608). In the Eastern Orthodox Church, Saint Marina (-304) is the name by which Saint Margaret of Antioch is known. The name was adopted by English speakers in the 14th Century. It was later popularized by Princess Marina of Greece and Demark (1906-1968) who became the Duchess of Kent in 1934. In Scotland, the name is used as an Anglicized form of Mairi. Marina is the feminine form of the Dutch, German, and Scandinavian Marinus. The name is popular in Russia.)

Origin: (Latin)

Pronunciation: (mah-REE-nah, MaaRIYNaa)

Gender: Female

Most see this and think of a Marina by a lake or other body of water. I never thought of this as an actual person’s name. Though the other day I did hear a woman call her daughters name and I think it sounded like Marina but not sure it was the same name or spelled the same way. Also there is the actress from Star Trek: The Next Generation who played Counselor Deanna Troi, the actresses name is Marina Sirtis. With the long history and varied uses this could fit just about anywhere in history. From the history you can see all the different people named this and how many different characters with different backgrounds can be named this. It is a versatile name and the use of it is up to the author.


Meaning: (Bitter, Combination of Maria and Sol ‘Sun’. Sometimes interpreted as mar y sol- Sea and Sun)

Origin: (Spanish)

Pronunciation: (Maa-Riy-SAAL, mah-ree-sole)

Gender: Female

I was at a wedding at the end of August and there was a woman there whose name is Marisol. She was a good friend of a woman who attends my congregation at our Kingdom Hall (place of worship). I had seen the woman before but I didn’t know her name was Marisol. Now I have heard the name Marisol before, most notably on CSI: Miami. I also heard it on the movie Cheetah Girls 2. I think it is a really pretty Spanish name. It is super exotic sounding and the meanings are good.


Meaning: (Fair, White, Beautiful, A Variant of Fiona, created by A.E Maxwell for lead character in the “Fiddler” series of mystery novels. The Fiora is a river in Italy.)

Origin: (Gaelic, Celtic, Latin, Fictional)

Pronunciation: (fee-OR-uh)

Gender: Female

I was watching an episode of Heroes of Cosplay on Syfy and one of the cosplayers (Yaya Han, I think) was dressing up like a character named Fiora. I think this an absolutely beautiful name. The meanings are beautiful and of course it is a variant of Fiona *see on list of posts*.  It sounds like a lovely name with a foreign look but also a very futuristic look too.


Meaning: (Flowery, Lotus Flower, the Flower)

Origin: (Greek, English Nature Name)

Pronunciation: (LOWTahS, LO-tus)

Gender: Female

I was thinking of using this as a character’s child’s middle name. I of course decided not to use that name but I do like it. It is a flower name that is not used as much as the more popular Rose, Iris *see on list of posts* and Violets *see on list of posts*. I think a good nickname could be Lottie *see on list of posts*. Lotus flowers are also very pretty so there could be a good reason for naming a character this in relevance to the flower if an author cared to us it.

Violet / Violetta

Meaning: (Purple, Blue Flower, One of the earliest flower names, first used in the 1830’s. From the Old French Violette, a diminutive form of Viole, which is derived from the Latin Viola (a Violet). The name has been in use since the middle ages but did not become common until the middle of the 19th Century when the use of flower names came into vogue. Shakespeare used the Latin form Viola for the enterprising Heroine in “Twelfth Night”.)

Origin: (Latin, English, English Nature Name, Italian)

Pronunciation: (Violet: VYE-a-let, VIY-a-lit Violetta: VYE-a-letta, ViyaaLYEHTaa (Russian))

Gender: Female

I have used Violetta as a characters child’s name. As for Violet I always thought it was one of those overly popularized flower names. I do think it is elegant and beautiful though. I think Violetta is even more elegant yet foreign which is lovely. Given the earliest era it was used it could be used in many Historical Novels. It could also be used in the present and future novel.

Bailey / Bailie

Meaning: (Bailiff, Berry Clearing, City Fortification, It is from the elements ‘Baili’ meaning Bailiff; ‘Baiulus’ Porter, Messenger; ‘Beg’ Berry; ‘Leah’ Wood, Clearing, Meadow. The personal name is derived from an Old English family name which was originally given to someone working as a Bailiff or Porter; the job title is itself of Latin roots. The surname could also have originated as a byname for someone who lived in or near a Bailey or Fortress, or else Bailey in Lancashire, an English place name of the elements ‘Beg’ and ‘Leah’ (meaning Wood, Clearing, Meadow). This was a regular boy name in the 19th Century, but it was later popularized as a girl name. Initial popularity of Bailey was due to a character in the 1980’s television series “WKRP in Cincinnati”.)

Origin: (Old English, Latin)

Pronunciation: (BAY-lee, BEY-Liy)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I have never been a real fan of Bailey / Bailie because it always seemed like a bad southern name. Of course lately I have heard this name quite often. It does have an interesting meaning and long history. A good nickname could be Bails which is cute.


Meaning: (Queen, Counsel, Daughter of Abraham’s (Abram’s) brother Haran, wife of his brother Nahor (her uncle), and the sister of Lot. (Ge 11:27, 29) Bethuel, one of Milcah’s eight children, became father to Rebekah.—Ge 22:20-23; 24:15, 24, 47.  Also one of Zelophehad’s five daughters given an inheritance in the territory of Manasseh after their father’s death.—Nu 26:33; 27:1-4; 36:10-12; Jos 17:3, 4.)

Origin: (Biblical, Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (MIL-cuh, MIHLKaa)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I was reading my Watchtower a few weeks ago and I read about the daughters of Zelophehad. I love some of his daughter’s names. So I decided to add them here. Milcah has good meanings and a really cool pronunciation. I does look pretty to me. A good nickname could be Milly. 


Meaning: (Take Pleasure; Approve, Delight, Pleasantness, She is my Delight, Favorable, Cypress Tree, One of the five daughters of the Manassite Zelophehad; a contemporary of Moses and Joshua.—Nu 26:29, 33; 27:1-7; 36:11, 12; Jos 17:3, 4. Also a city in Samaria. Archaeological evidence seems to favor identifying it with Tell el-Farʽah, about 10 km (6 mi) NNE of Shechem.)

Origin: (Biblical, Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (TEER-zuh, TIR-za)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I was reading my Watchtower a few weeks ago and I read about the daughters of Zelophehad. I love some of his daughter’s names. So I decided to add them here. Tirzah is really beautiful looking. The meanings are very lovely. I keep thinking I have used this as a character name but I can’t remember in what story. It has nice exotic sound and look to it which I like. It does have another world look to me though.


Meaning: (Grow Weak; Fall Sick, One of the daughters of Zelophehad of the tribe of Manasseh. Mahlah and her sisters requested their father’s inheritance, since he had no sons but only five daughters. Moses inquired of Jehovah, who ruled that the daughters of Zelophehad should receive it. (Nu 26:28-33; 27:1-11) A subsequent order of Jehovah through Moses required Mahlah and the other daughters of Zelophehad to marry within the tribe of Manasseh, to prevent the inheritance from passing to another tribe. Accordingly, Mahlah and her sisters “became the wives of the sons of their father’s brothers.” (Nu 36:1-6, 10-12) This judicial decision established a precedent as to inheritance. (Nu 36:7-9) They later presented themselves before Eleazar the priest and Joshua, cited Jehovah’s command, and were given “an inheritance in the midst of the brothers of their father.”—Jos 17:3, 4.)

Origin: (Biblical, Hebrew)

Pronunciation: (MAH-luh, MAH-la, MAY-la, MAALah, MEYLah)

Gender: Uni-Sex

I was reading my Watchtower a few weeks ago and I read about the daughters of Zelophehad. I love some of his daughter’s names. So I decided to add them here. Mahlah is really kind of pretty. The meanings aren’t that great but the history of this name in the instances of Zelophehad’s daughters is really nice. With such a long history it could be used in just about any era.


I try to have the most accurate Meanings, Origin and Pronunciations for the names on this blog. It is best though to do research into the names you decide to use for your characters as there can be errors on my blog. Or meanings, origins, and pronunciations I have not seen thus not been able to add to this blog.

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