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As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Friday, December 20, 2013


Meaning: (Soldier, Man in the Army, derived from the element ‘Ermen’ meaning “Whole, Immense, Universal”. Variant of Herman. The name was recorded by the Roman historian Tacitus as the form Arminius (Latin), which could have been an old Latinized form of Herman. Arminius (18 BC-21 AD) was an ancient chieftain of the Germanic tribe Cherusci who defeated the Roman army in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest. Like Herman, the name saw a rise in popularity during 19th Century German nationalism, which emphasized military prowess.)

Origin: (German, Armenian)

Pronunciation: (AHR-meen, AA-RMihN)

Gender: Male

I was looking up another name and stumbled upon this one. The going trend so far this month is names that start with the letter A. Armin has rare look and I really like the strong meanings. It is also a good and stronger variant of Herman. It also has really nice history. I could see a strong German character named this.

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