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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

I got Married Wednesday July 19th, 2017

Sorry I haven’t been able to blog lately but a lot has been going on as you can see from the title of this post. I got married Wednesday July 19th, 2017!! After Anthony and I got back to together after our breakup as I had discussed in my other post we decided to be just boyfriend and girlfriend again and go on dates and stuff like that.

Since my mom couldn’t understand why I had gotten back with him and she also felt exhausted and burned out from chaperoning before she was only able to chaperone on occasion so we found other older friends to chaperone our dates and we were soon both feeling sad when the dates ended because we loved each other very much and just wanted to be married so we wouldn’t have to depart from each other again.

So some time went by and it was nearing our yearly religious convention and Anthony went and got the rings back from his grandparents safe which I assumed was going to go worse than it actually did. He didn’t know when he was going to propose or how so I took it upon myself to propose the same way he had the first time. I got into my pajamas and when he and my parents were in the kitchen of my parents’ house I went in and proposed. It was glorious having the ring back on my finger as if it had never gone! So in all there were four proposals, lol, 3 from him and 1 from me!

So we went to the convention engaged then and it was great but a few snags happened with family around that time which made things very difficult again and I came to the realization that I just wanted to marry Anthony and he I and since our families were being difficult towards our relationship and each other on occasion we had decided to just elope.

We have an older man who was an elder in our Kingdom Hall (our place of worship) whom we approached the day we actually went and got the marriage license to see if he would officiate the wedding and he said he wanted to have our families there because we’d all regret it as he regretted not seeing his own daughter married as she had eloped some years before. Also, he wanted it at the Kingdom Hall a week later than we were going to do it. Though we wanted a Kingdom Hall wedding the upset in my parents’ home and stress of it all was taking a toll on me and I just wanted to start a life with Anthony and we wanted it out at this elder (David Pfister, also the elder who did my baptism talk in May 2006) property. So I talked to his daughter about what was going on and why she decided to elope and also talked to other elders and it was decided it was best to do it the day we had originally decided and we could do it on the Pfisters Blackberry Farm. So when this was all decided I had literally like 3 days to get everything ready, aw!!

So David Pfisters daughter Karen did my bouquet and the bouquet for my matron of honor, my sister Lorinda. Karen also did the boutonnieres for all the men in the family. Karen also had a little surprise made for after the wedding as well. All these wonderful things were truly beautiful and kind and I can’t thank them enough for their kindnesses!!! So out at the Pfisters Blackberry Farm we got married in the beautiful living room of the Pfisters house and Brother David Pfister officiated the wedding which we videoed and I will leave a link below so anyone can go watch it if they wish to.

After the wedding which Karen had kindly photographed to perfection in my opinion, since I have a new computer all the pictures didn’t somehow wind up on my computer so I’m going to try and put some of the best that did wind up on computer on here for all to see. After the ceremony, Karen had a mini-reception for us which was just some finger foods and punch and a beautiful cake she had made for us! We ate and were given presents by those family there. Oh yeah Brother Pfister got the family on board and so my parents Linda and Fred, sister and nephew Lorinda and Jakob and Anthony’s grandparents Jeri and Bill, mother and brother Jennifer and Andrew were there. Anthony’s brother Andrew and my friend Lisa were the witnesses. Also there was Joyce and David Pfister, Karen, Kendra and Drew.

So after the little food and gifts we went and took some beautiful pictures all over the Blackberry Farm property and they turned out more than perfect in my opinion!!  Afterwards we headed to Eureka Springs, Arkansas to have a quick honeymoon before we had to be back at work in 2 days, lol! We stayed at the Land O’ Nod Inn and it was a beautiful hotel!!

So since then we have been adjusting to marriage and have had a few small bumps along the way but for the most part it’s been great! There have been more bumps with family but together we have gotten through it and it’s great to have Anthony as my husband and best friend because he is such a spiritual, sweet, funny, kind, gentle, emotional man who takes care of my wonderfully!!

It’s taken a while to tell you all this wonderful news because my laptop died for good again and I had to wait a while to get a new one, which this one is a beautiful gift from my husband!!! Some things that delayed this post as well was 2 weeks after we got married my dad wound up in the hospital for a week with a rare blood disorder which nearly killed him but he's bounced back great! My mom wound up in the ER with Bronchitis at the end of December. Now both my grandparents on my moms side are in the hospital and hospice care as well. Also been working a lot. So much has delayed this post.

So here below are some pictures and a link to the wedding ceremony talk!

Cool Fun Fact: The Wedding Bouquet Holder I have I made myself and the pictures and how I made it will be on this blog and my other blog soon!

Also New Names Coming Soon!!

> Anthony (Husband)

> My Family, Mom Linda, Dad Fred, Sister Lorinda and Nephew Jakob
Anthony with his Brother Andrew and Mom Jennifer >

> Anthony's Brother Andrew, Mom Jennifer, Grandmother Jeri and Grandfather Bill

  > Anthony's Family, Anthony, Mom Jennifer, Brother Andrew, Grandmother Jeri and Grandfather Bill

> Anthony doing what he loves, playing Piano!


> AW, Daddies little girl all grown up!!

> Sisters by Blood, Friends by Choice!

> AW, Mommy and Me!!

> Anthony and David Pfister, officiate of our wedding!

> My Nephew Jakob, the Ring Bearer!

> No Peeking as here comes the Bride! 

> Blushing Bride and Proud Papa!

> Woah!!!

> Sweet Kiss on Cheek!

> Oh Wow!!

> Beautiful Talk!

  > Rings Yay!

> Crying Sister Lorinda in Background

  > Kisses as Sister Looks away, lol! > Oh Happy Day!


  > Debut of the Rings!

> New Wife Kisses and Familiar Momma Kisses!

> Brothers for Life and Secret Body Guard, care to guess who is the body guard, lol!

> New Brother of Mine, kind teddy bear!

> New Family of Mine!

> United Family!

  > One of our Witnesses our Friend Lisa!

> Officiate David Pfister and his Wife Joyce, the one who played piano as I walked down the aisle, with Anthony and I!!


> Cake!!!! Yummy!

  > So Sweet not to cake me in the face!

> Don't Cake him in the face!

> Goofy Man!!

> Come Swing with Me!!

> Oh Yeah I got this!!

> Get Away!!

And They Loved Happily Ever After!!!!


  1. Congratulations on your nuptials! It sounds like a very eventful yet very happy day for you and your family. Here's to many years of happiness to you and Anthony and your entire family :)

    I love the pictures, by the way- your dress is very beautiful and that cake looks delicious.

  2. Thank you very much Jasmin Weaver for all the comments you have left! I haven't been able to reply until now and from my current posts you can see why, lol! Thank you for your best wishes after posting about my wedding!


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