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As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016


Meaning: (Deer Place, Deer Field, a Stag, Place of the Stag, Place of Gazelles, A Chain, Strength, Place of the Hind)

Origin: (Hebrew, Biblical)

Pronunciation: (EYE-juh-lon, I-juh-lon, ay-JAH-lon, AY-juh
-lon, AY-juh-lahn)

Gender: Male, Possibly Uni-Sex

So the other day I was doing some bible reading and one of the hundreds of Hebrew biblical names I read in the book of Joshua was this name Aijalon. This wound up being one of the only ones I could properly pronounce and one of the only ones I really liked the look of. The meanings are really great and the name itself looks modern but is also ancient so it’s a plus for different genres and eras.

However because of the look I am sure many people would think it was a made up name rather than an old biblical name. I’ve showed an old name like this and asked about it on Yahoo Answers many years ago and a few people said it was a white trash made up name by some teenage mother, which was so stupid given the long varied use of that particular name. So many people reason that they know everything about names and none of us do. Names are so varied between cultures that a name we think is made up could very well be thousands of years old. So I often get upset when people down a name they have no idea about. Sorry I’ve gotten off on a bit of a rant, lol!

Anyway this seems a nice strong older name that I like a great deal.

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