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As an Author naming your Character is an important step right after coming up with the plot. I am here to help you choose the right character name for you and your story.

Make sure your character name is Genre Appropriate. Make sure if it's a Historical Fiction novel or takes place in a real time period that the name was used then. Or if it's a fictionalized place then you can be as creative as you wish.

Just have fun with naming your character. It is after all your story.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Meaning: (Green Herb, Green Shoot, From Khloe, originally used in the classical period to symbolize the fertility goddess Demeter in blooming and verdant glory. May be connected with Chloris. Also a name in literature especially in the tale of Daphnis and Chloe set to music by Ravel. Adopted by Puritans in the 17th Century. Chloe can be used to create compound names like Chloe-Anne or Chloe- Louise.

From a root meaning “green”; probably, First Green Shoot of Plants, A woman through whose household Paul received reports concerning the dissensions existing in the Corinthian congregation. (1Co 1:11) Though Paul’s letter does not state that Chloe was a Christian residing at Corinth or at Ephesus, where the letter was penned, in view of the apostle’s reference to this household by name, evidently at least some members thereof, either family members or slaves, were Christians known to the Corinthians.)

Origin: (Biblical, Greek)

Pronunciation: (KHLOH-ee)

Gender: Female

I am planning on using this as the name of a lost Princess in one of my future science-fantasy novels, her mother will be a Queen named Eliora *see on list of posts.* I never much cared for Chloe before but a few months ago I heard a song called Chloe which got the name stuck in my head and then shortly there after I was thinking of names for my characters and Chloe stuck in my head for the main female characters name.

I think this is a pretty name with good meanings. I prefer to look at the Biblical aspect of the name versus the use in reference to a pagan fertility goddess. The meanings are fresh and full of life which is beautiful. It is popular, still widely heard of but not too overly used.

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