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Saturday, June 23, 2012

What are your thoughts on kids of Famous Authors Collaborating with there parents

What are your thoughts on kids of famous authors collaborating with there parents?

Do you think it is fair that they collaborate with there parents and get published. Some might think it isn't fair because there parent is already published and famous and has connections (Literary Agent, Publisher ect.). All the kids have to do is write with the parents then they get published and have a better chance of publishing on there own later.

On the other hand do you think it is right or wrong because if you have the opportunity you might as well do it. Like if your author parent is willing to collab with you and you have hopes of getting published then go for it.

What are your thoughts as I can see from both points of view.

I might not be able to reply for a while if anyone comments. So I might just come back and edit my question and leave my reply that way. Thanks to all that answers.


  1. I think that the concept is interesting. I have to wonder though, how much is whose work. I would assume that most of these situations arrise from the parent and child talking about an idea and the child say "what if.." and the parent says "genius!" but there ends most of the child's contributions. The actual writting, plot developement (though some could be the child's), major literary achievements are the parent's role.

    If I were a famous author and my child came up with an awesome idea, I think that rather then work together "officially", I would encourage my child to further develop the idea, ask questions, think things through. I would make small suggestions, probably in question form - "but what does that do to further the plot along? how do you think Character would react to this situation.. why?". But I would not try to make the idea mine as well - or give the child a false sense of over-accomplishment.

    That being said, it depends of the child, the parent, the situation they are in and what both parties want to do.

    1. Hope you come back to read this and sorry it's taking me so long to respond... it's been a crazy few weeks. Thanks Bambina for answering.

      I read in a magazine about an Author and their child collaborating and that's what made me ask this question. In the article the author parent was saying she knew her daughter was a great writing and went on to say the initial story idea was based off her daughter's idea. So that's like what you were saying in your first paragraph. It seemed to me by reading the article that the author parent did write with her daughter but it seemed to be the daughter's idea but the author parent's literary achievements that got them anywhere.

      I mean I don't know if the story is good or not or if the child may have been published at all on there own. But I think the child should have tried it on there own see if they can get published then perhaps later in bother there writing careers get together and do a collaboration.

      The author parent in the article I read was - Jodi Picoult and her daughter Samantha.

      Thanks again for answering my question. It was interesting. I also hope what I wrote made sense, LOL.


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